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Heracles Telescopic loader ( H580T) Heracles Telescopic loader ( H580T) Heracles Telescopic loader ( H580T) Heracles Telescopic loader ( H580T)
Product name : Heracles Telescopic loader ( H580T)
Product No. : 02
Price : USD14000-USD16500
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HERACLES H580T Telescopic Loader has been designed for maximum precision and stability. The extended boom offers the possibility of stacking and dumping at a heights of 6000 mm allowing the H580T Telescopic Loaders to handle an ever larger array of tasks. Its compact size, panoramic views and upgraded multi-functional lever makes the hardest jobs look easy. H580T’s quick change system allows operators to change attachment within seconds without having to leave his seat.


H580T Telescopic Wheel Loader’s Yichai Diesel engine has a 116 HP, providing all the power any operator could ever wish for driving and lifting heavy payloads. It requires little maintenance making the ideal choice for both experienced operators and beginners.   

Engine: Xichai 4102

Power: 85 kW / 116 hp

Max. Torque: 285N. m

Max Speed: 2400 rpm

ISO 9242: 74 kW / 96 hp

Diameter: 102 mm

Stroke: 115 mm

Displacement: 4.3 L


The Telescopic Boom truly makes the H580T Telescopic Wheel Loader one of the most versatile loaders in the market.

The Telescopic Boom reaches a maximum stacking height of 6000 mm.

It’s extra reach and compact size, allows for an endless range of dumping and stacking jobs. The H580T Telescopic Wheel Loader is used both indoors in warehouses and outdoors, in agriculture and farm buildings.



Heracles Cabins are both extremely functional and have a modern interior design. The spacious interior allows the operator to move freely inside the cab. Designed to maximize visibility the cabin has a 360° view of its surroundings.   


The cabin is tightly sealed from the exterior allowing the operator to work in clean working environment. Other features include USB ports, radio, low vibration system and interior insulation to keep noise to a minimum.  


From the comfort of his seat the operator has all controls at his finger tips. The intuitive and user-friendly multi-fictional joystick makes the hardest of tasks look easy. One single multi-function joystick allows the operator to carry out all operations, including: changing gears, driving directions and attachments. The auxiliary hydraulic controls required to operate certain attachments are located right beside the joystick.   


HERACLES Heating & Air Conditioning System and tightly sealed cabin doors create a perfect climate controlled environment year round - even in the most extreme of weathers.   


H580T Telescopic Wheel Loader Floating Seat creates the perfect low vibration working conditions for long working days. From here the operator has easy access to all controls, rear-view camera system and can also easy adjust the one-piece steering wheel and dashboard to best suit his needs. 


LED and analogue gauges keep the operator informed of the loader’s performance and status. Safely warning lights will let the operator know any needs the loader requires.   


The gas pedal placed on the right and the inch break pedals on the left, have been specifically designed and angled to reduce stress on the calves muscles. This is especially noticeable after long working hours.   



The hydraulic system, axles and transmission system all work together perfectly to deliver an outstanding performance.   



Main valve pressure: 235 bar

Displacement: 62 L/min

Smooth Working Cycles:

- Lift 5 secs

- Down 4 secs

- Dump 2 secs

- Tilt 2.5 sec   



HERACLES Heavy Wheel-Side Deceleration Axles are extremely reliable as they have been specifically designed to deal with the hardest working conditions. All our axles are manufactured in-house using heavy-duty components and materials.   



The advance driving system allows for effortless and smooth driving no matter the terrain.

Driving Speed:

- 1st Gear 5 km/h

- 2nd Gear 11 km/h

- 3rd Gear 15 km/h

- 4th Gear 28 km/h   



The braking system to both the front and rear axles are hydraulically controlled. This effective braking system provides and effective and strong braking forces.



The H580T Compact Wheel Loader’s articulated design, with 45°steering angles, makes it extremely easy to operate in tight spaces. The payload is raised and lowers via two lifting cylinders which distribute the weight evenly throughout the loaders structure, maximizing its stability.   


HERACLES Quick Change System makes changing attachments fast, easy and extremely convenient. Change attachments is now simply a question of seconds - all the operator need is press the hydraulic Quick Change System button.



Developing a new series of compact wheel loaders which were simple and easy to both maintain and repair was crucial to our team of engineers when designing the new H580T Compact Wheel Loader.   


Because daily check-ups help extend loaders working life, we have designed the H580T Wheel Loader so that the operator only needs to take seconds to check that all components are in perfect conditions.   


Part of the redesigning process involved developing a cutting-edge rear hood. The new the Hatchback Rear Hood opens 90 degrees, giving full access to the engine. It has also been designed to improves engines ventilation and to create a full 360 degree view of the working environment for the operator.   


With the tilting cabin you have easy access the hydraulic system and all its components. This makes servicing extremely convenient and fast as all parts have been designed and placed with this in mind.




ROPS and FOPS are built into the cabin structure providing a safe workplace for the operator.   


H-Series Compact Wheel Loaders articulated oscillating joint structure design allows all four wheels to be in contact with the ground in uneven and rough terrain - up to 45° angles.   


Rear-view vision has been maximized through its large glass structure and Hatchback Rear Hood. The rear-view camera system and the all-round reinforced counterweights enables the operator to work in an even safer environment.



The H580T Compact Wheel Loader is used in a large number of fields to carry multiple tasks. This is possible due to its compact design, high maneuverability and HERACLES’ extensive range of attachments. The H580T is used in forestry, construction, farming, mining, snow removal, warehouses, etc.   


The Quick Linking System makes changing attachments quick and easy. This is done by simply activating the Quick Linking System on the multi-functional joystick. There is no need for the operator to leave the comfort of his seat.   



High quality and easy to connect/disconnect auxiliary hydraulic quick connects allow for attachments with moving parts such as excavator, augers, bush cutters, rotary cutters or 4-in-1 buckets.   



At HERACLES Wheel Loaders we design and manufacture all attachments. Highest quality steel and advanced welding techniques with extra reinforcement guarantee a long life of extreme usage on all of HERACLES genuine attachments.



              mm                               mm

1            2695                 16          3820

2            520                   17          220

3            2475                 18          5370

4            6170                 19          2740

5            740                   20         1990

              800                   21          1600

6            20                     22         2040

7            3300                 23        40°      

              4200                 24        45° 

8            3915

9            4050

10          30°

11          6590

12          995

13          1550

14          80

15          1600







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